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Tucker University

Tucker University is a monthly series of fully designed technique classes for the Studio 180 Design Tools by Deb Tucker. There are 6 classes per semester. Regardless of where you are in your quilting journey, these series of classes is intended to offer you an exciting opportunity to build your skills and accuracy. This program is great for everyone!
In each Tucker University Class, a different Studio 180 Design tool will be taught. You will cut and make 4” units so each month you can combine and create new blocks. Each class will build upon the previous one, making design possibilities endless. (You can end up with a coordinated sampler when you’re finished if you use the same fabric collection.)

You don’t have to attend all the classes, but you may want to so you don’t miss anything! The creativity and ideas are endless.

Skill Level: ALL
Materials Included: black line design sheets

Tuition: $120 (that's only 20 bucks a class) for first semester
              $30 per individual class

10am to 12pm

1-101: Tucker Trimmer 1 and Shaded Four Patch
Learn how to use a Tucker Trimmer 1 to create half square triangles, quarter square triangles, and combination units. With the Tucker Trimmer 1 alone, a quilter can make three (3) different units in 11 different sizes. These units are often what we refer to as basic units, therefore they must be precise to fit nicely with more advanced units. This is a perfect place for any quilter to begin their journey through the Studio 180 Design set of tools

You will also learn how to expand the use of your Tucker Trimmer 1 by creating a Shaded Four Patch unit. By using Deb Tucker's method of strip piecing the construction of a shaded-four patch, the quilter eliminates the need to stitch fabrics on an unsecured bias. This method also eliminates the stretching and puckering within a unit. Quilters will use their Tucker Trimmer 1 to finalize their units and then discover a wide array of layouts that can be created with just one block.

10pm to 12pm

​1-201: V Block, Sidekicks, and High/Lows
If you are seeing stars in your future then you have just found your new best friend, the V Block. Making stars in not the only thing the V Block can do to improve your piecing techniques. Once you learn how to use the V Block, you will not go back to those plastic templates you have been tracing and slicing. Or connect a V Block with a half square triangle and watch the curves develop. The possibilities are only limited to your imagination.

Push the use of your V Block a bit further by learning how to create Sidekicks and High/Low units. You will amaze your quilting friends by thinking that you made a difficult unit, when in fact the use of the V Block made your life so easy.

10am to 12m

1-301: Wing Clipper 1, Pickets and Quickets
Put your flying geese on the right track by pointing them in the correct direction. Learn the simple secrets to creating crisp, clean units effectively and quickly. This method can be applied to any pattern that requires flying geese units. Since you usually have to make hundreds of these units at a time, why not make them perfect every time?

Expand the use of you Wing Clipper 1 by learning how to make Pickets and Quickets. Once you begin to recognize these units, you will be surprised how often they appear in patterns from your favorite magazines and designers. You will want to add Pickets and Quickets to your border options.

10am to 12pm

-401: Squared Squared and Little Houses
The Square Squared unit can be found within blocks as well as sashing. Since this unit if often used to connect other units, the points are extremely valuable for the design to work without interruption. You will save those points with the Square Squared tool. A secondary benefit to using Deb Tucker's method of creating Square Squared units is that you will not waste fabric. It's a win-win situation.

Expand the use of your Square Squared tool by learning how to make little houses. Little houses have been disguised in borders and have shown up in some star blocks. You will be astounded where these units show up.

10am to 12pm

1-501: Corner Beam
Take a second look. Ah, yes, it's a Corner Beam. Beam me up Deb. The Corner Beam adds even more unique options to your quilt designs. The combinations and the twists and turns makes it look as if the quilter had to work with lots of odd shaped pieces when in fact they did not. The construction of a Sliver unit advances the use of the Corner Beam and once again makes precise piecing look hard when it is easy.

10am to 3pm

1-601 Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star Basic Construction
Volcanos don't belong in the center of an eight-pointed star and they won't happen to you when you use the Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star tool. And, by the way, there will be no y-seams! Be thoroughly stunned when you learn how to make a Lemoyne Star using a strip method. You will be able to make blocks as small as 3" all the way up to 12" with the same level of accuracy.

1pm to 3pm

Second Semester

1-701 Corner Pop
Stop throwing away half of those squares you used to pop off a corner and start saving your fabric by using the Corner Pop. Before you know it, you will be popping off corners of every unit. It helps to add a pop of color to any unit and can add a secondary pattern to your quilt.

1pm to 3pm

1-801 Split Rects
Leave the plastic templates that you would have to trace at home! Learn how to make crisp, clean half rectangles or what Deb Tucker calls a Split Rects. By using the Split Rects tool, you do not have to worry about shaving your plastic templates any more. Your stars will twinkle with these strong points.

1pm to 3pm

1-901 Diamond Rects
If the Storm at Sea pattern is on your bucket list, but you don't want to paper piece it; then the Diamond Rects has just become your new best friend. Once you learn how to make Diamond Rects units you will no longer avoid what you thought was a complex technique. Don't miss the boat, jump on board now!

1pm to 3pm

1-1001 Large Square Squared
More squares inside of squares, inside of squares. The Large Square Squared is a perfect format to feature fussy cuts or embroidery pieces. But it doesn't stop there! You will fall in love with the Snail's Trail block when you use the Large Square Squared.

1pm to 3pm

1-1101 Lemoyne Advanced 1: Strip Pieced Lemoyne, Liberty Lemoyne, and Banded Lemoyne
Are you hooked on the Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star tool? Now that you have mastered the basic construction, you can make fancy Lemoynes with three more options: Strip Pieced Lemoynes, Liberty Lemoynes, and Banded Lemoynes. *Pre-requisite: 1-601: Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star: Basic Construction

1pm to 3pm

1-1201 Lemoyne Advanced II: Fussy Cut Lemoynes, Lemoynes as Triangles, and Blazing Lemoynes
Ever wonder how to use the wider end of your Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star tool? The secret is now revealed of course! Impress your toughest critic with what looks like very demanding piecing, but trick them with the simplicity of Fussy Cut Lemoynes, Lemoynes as Triangles, and Blazing Lemoynes. *Pre-requisite: 1-601: Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star: Basic Construction